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Everyone knows it can be impossible to sleep when summer is at its hottest.

If you are looking for reliable service, Aire Mechanical, Inc. is the answer for all your cooling needs. We are the preferred service provider for Albuquerque homes, businesses, and its surrounding areas. Our AMI specialists can diagnose and service any type of repair needed to get your system up and running regardless of make and model. Since 2003 our ultimate goal is to keep you cool and comfortable at your home or business.

Reliable A/C Repair Service

While many people are not aware that their air conditioner needs servicing there are a few warning signs to let you know your cooling unit needs repair.

When to call Aire Mechanical, Inc. for an air conditioner service repair

(Note: The information below doesn’t necessarily have to be listed on the website. We can post the signs with hyperlink to information)

1. Your air conditioner will not turn on. There are any number of reasons why your air conditioner will not turn on. Below are just a few:

Failed or defective thermostat

Thermostat not set in “cooling” position

Fuse or Circuit breaker for the unit has tripped or blown

Dirty Filter- A dirty filter prevents airflow and may cause your unit to not work well or not at all

If you’re A/C unit will still not turn on then it’s time to call AMI for a thorough diagnosis of the problem.

2. Your air conditioner blows hot air

One possible reason you’re A/C is blowing hot air could be a dirty filter. A dirty filter can prevent cool air flowing through your ductwork. If you have a dusty home or have pets you may have to change out your filter more frequently

Make sure your outside unit is running and make sure your unit is free of debris

Your A/C may need refrigerant. Low refrigerant could be a sign of a leak. Only a trained professional should be called to locate leak and replenish refrigerant.

3. Your outside fan not working

Primary function of air conditioners outside fan is to bring the heat from inside out of your home. If your outside unit fan fails, then proper transfer of heat cannot take place resulting in your air conditioners compressor overheating. This may cause damage to the compressor.

4. Your air conditioner cycles off and on

A thermostat installed at a wrong location will cause your unit to cycle on and off

An air conditioner that is too large for your home will cycle your unit. Have Aire Mechanical diagnose your issue and provide a proper solution

5. Your air conditioner makes strange noises

Your outside A/C unit typically will make noise. However, if you notice unusual noises coming from your system then it’s time to call Aire Mechanical, Inc.

6. Your condensation line is clogged

Depending how complex the obstruction is you may need one of our service technicians to clear the obstruction

7. Frozen Air Conditioner Unit

There are several reasons why an A/C freezes. From dirty filters to a malfunctioning blower fan. Let our qualified service technicians assess and resolve the problem. As always an air conditioner service repair must be performed by a trained service technician to ensure your unit is restored properly at optimal performance and to keep warranty is good standing. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you’re without cold air on a hot Sunday afternoon or your air conditioner stops working on the 4 th of July; our technicians will be ready to remedy your problem and restore the comfort you are used to. Let AMI be your go to cooling experts that get you through the summer months!

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